Family Counselling 
Today’s families are complex, and keeping family relationships on tract is not always easy. Events such as separation, divorce and re-marriage, financial problems, childcare issues, behavioural problems with family members, values dissonance and bad communication between family members are all potential sources of major familial conflict.
 Couples Counselling 
The journey to happiness is paved with obstacles, and even before progressing to co-habitation or marriage some couples find themselves experiencing difficulties. Alternatively, a couple may be considering taking their relationship to the next level, and wisely wish to be prepared.
 Marriage Counselling 
Love, while of course vital, is not sufficient itself to ensure a happy marriage. Many couples who are unprepared for the realities of married life are disappointed, even when they have been together for many years: “But we love each other, why is it so hard?” In the worst cases, constant frustration can lead to alienation, and eventually to separation or divorce.
 Relationship Counselling 

Positive relationships area, if not the key ingredient for a happy life, and it goes without saying that not all of our important relationships are romantic. Our relationships with family and friends also provide us with support, love, respect, comfort and friendship: as the famous John Donne saying goes, ‘no man is an island, entire of itself’.

 Pre-Marriage Counselling 
Although co-habitation is on the increase in Australia, it remains a fact that many couples engaged to be married even where they have been living together for many years are not fully aware of the issues and challenges that married couples will inevitably face. This can then lead to problems down the road, where these couples are not prepared for the compromises that are necessary to make a marriage work.
 Communication Skills 
As I often say, effective communication is a cornerstone to any successful relationship. In this counselling I assist clients in understanding the importance and methods of communication in all personal, professional and business relationships.