1. What sort of problems does a marriage counsellor deal with?
2. How long is a counselling session?
3. How many sessions are usually required?
4. Are sessions confidential?
5. Can I contact the counsellor between sessions?
6. How long does it take to get an appointment?
7. Are after hours appointments available?
8. Can the counsellor visit us in our home or office?
9. How does the in home service work?
10. What can I expect at the counselling session?
11. How much is a counselling session?
12. Can I get a medicare rebate for counselling?
 1. What sort of problems does a Marriage Counsellor deal with? 
Counsellors are professionals trained to work with people with everyday problems and issues that they are struggling to find a solution to or just need to chat to someone who is an objective view to get some clarity. There is no problem too big or small if it is an issue to you and you would like some help. 
 2. How long is a counselling session? 
The first session generally runs from 1-2 hours. Sessions after that are 1 hour.
 3. How many sessions are usually required? 
Depending on the issues you want to address, counselling usually takes from 1-6 sessions Throughout the counselling process we review this together to work out the best fit for .... There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions you can attend, it simply depend on your needs at the time. Some people just want to gain some clarity on a personal issues attend a single session for this, others enjoy the direction counselling provides them continue longer.
 4. Are the sessions confidential? 
Yes. Everything we talk about during counselling is completely private and confidential. The details will not be released to anyone else unless a referral is needed to another services you agree to this. The only exceptions to this are legal requirements which mean that believe you are an immediate danger to yourself or someone else, then the appropriate authorities need to be notified for your safety. Please call me if you would like information about this.
 5. Can I contact the counsellor between sessions? 
Yes. I welcome your calls in between sessions if you need to address something immediately. Whilst I don’t provide a telephone counselling service in itself, I am happy to chat to clients, past and present, if you need to speak to me in between sessions. There is no charge for this service.
 6. How long does it take to get an appointment? 
I try wherever possible to meet with you within a week. Sometimes for after hours appointments it can take up to 2 weeks to meet with me. If you feel your needs are urger please call me and we’ll see what we can work out. Sometimes I can help you over the phone until we are able to arrange an appointment.
 7. Are after hours appointments available? 
Yes. I offer a number of different evenings and some weekends. Please contact me so we can work out a mutually convenient time.
 8. Can the counsellor visit us in our home or office? 
Yes. In fact this is one of the main benefits Superior Marriage Counselling offers you. It is particularly useful for people who would like an evening appointment when young children are asleep. Working with families in their own homes is a key aspect to achieving positive results.
 9. How does the in home service work? 
This service is available for all counselling requirements but is particularly helpful for working with family dynamics and discipline for children. Most of us struggle at some point when raising our children with putting effective discipline strategies in place. To help with this, I come into your home and meet your family. This enables me to get an idea of how your family works together and in a non threatening approach for children, I will talk to the family about what the issues are and the changes you would like. I will then return with a detail plan for you to follow in order to achieve the goals you have set with me. Most people find that they are able to implement the plan themselves and achieve very effective results. However, I am happy to return to help you implement the plan or chat to you on the phone for support.
 10. What can I expect at the counselling session? 
Some people who have never attended counselling before or who have perhaps had a counselling experience find it a little daunting to come to counselling. I offer a very relax atmosphere and we sit and chat about you and what to change and the goals that you want to achieve.

The first session we spend a little time discussing the counselling process and you can feel for whether I am the right counsellor for you. We also talk about what you would like to achieve. For there we work together to set goals and work ... ways to achieve this.

Often we will work out a process of home tasks for you to work on to achieve these change and at each following session we continue on, reviewing the progress you feel you are ...... and working further towards your goals.


At each session I welcome your feedback as to whether the process is working for you and you would like to do something differently. Sometimes you may not feel you are .... progress and if this is the case, I am happy to work with you to get the right balance for .... and if you want I can help you locate a different service that is more suitable for you.

You can talk to me about anything you want to and there is no judgement on your life and decisions. It is your life and your choice to set the goals you want to achieve. I am simply ther a s a tool to help you clarify your issues and to provide support and direction to help make changes you want to make.

At every session we will also review together whether you need to attend more sessions the timing between sessions.

 11. How much is a counselling session? 
I strongly believe counselling is an effective life tool that we all require at some stage of ... lives and should be available to everyone. My rates are competitive and are adjusted on a sliding scale depending on the service you require and your location.

I also offer significant discounts for those who are experiencing some financial difficulties. It is based on a trust system, unlike the government base services, I do not expect you to provide financials.

The cost is $110 for the first session which is up to 2 hours and $90 for every session after that.

**Please note only cash is accepted**

 12. Can I get a medicare rebate for counselling? 

No. Counselling is not available through medicare.


If I have not answered your questions here, please give me a call or email me and I will be happy to get back to you with the information you require.