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"A Strong Marriage requires two people who choose to love each other even on those days when they struggle to like each other."
-Dave Willis 

If you are wondering “does marriage counseling work?”, the answer may depend on whether or not your partner is even willing to go to therapy with you. If your partner refuses to go to therapy with you, you may be able to change the dynamic of your relationship just by going to individual therapy. However, statistics show that couples therapy is usually faster and more effective than individual therapy alone. When a couple goes to therapy together, they have the chance to work on their group dynamic, and this leads them to success faster. Typically, it takes about a third fewer sessions to accomplish a goal in couples therapy than it does in individual therapy. This means you will spend less money and get your marriage back on track sooner than if you just tried to help yourself.

Services Offered:

> Marriage Counselling


> Couples Counselling


> Relationship Counselling


> Family Counselling

> Pre-Marriage Counselling

Communication Skills


We are so grateful that we saw Ibrahim when we did. If it wasn't for him helping us to communicate again without yelling or screaming, we would not be where we are today, in a loving marriage. Thank you Ibrahim! ”

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After having kids, everything changed for us and we stopped making time for ourselves. Ibrahim was so patient and helped show us how we could seek support from our family to look after our kids so we could have some adult time out and rekindle the spark that we had lost along the way without realising. It really does take a village to raise a family and Ibrahim helped us see there is nothing wrong with asking family for help when needed. We don't have to try to manage everything on our own anymore and the kids love spending time at sleepovers at Nan and Pop's place! 

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Ibrahim was fantastic to deal with! Initially, I wasn't comfortable with sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with a stranger but Ibrahim was extremely professional and very patient with me and helped me to understand how toxic not sharing my thoughts with my loved one could be for my marriage. Now I talk to my partner all the time and am not afraid to share my feelings and that is all thanks to Ibrahim!

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